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I saw this on Abrupt Change of Topic's blog and I thought, hmm, good idea.

2007 Completed Projects
BAWK Hot Water Bottle Cozy in Misti Alpaca
Purple Gable in Ultra Alpaca
Noro Striped Scarf in Noro
Jitterbug Socks in Colinette Jitterbug
Wicked Sweater in Malabrigo
Cobblestone Sweater in Skye Tweed
My Dog is Spoiled Leash in Daria
Fingerless Gloves in Di've
The Red Scarf in Ultra Alpaca
Rainbow Dog Leash in Daria
Baby Blanket in Baby Cashmerino
Emergency Christmas Cowl in Misti Alpaca
Eyelet Socks in Cherry Tree Hill
Purple Passion Socks in Lorna's Laces
Socks for Da Man in Colinette Jitterbug
Posh Socks in Posh Yarn
Premiere Washcloth (2 qty) in Premiere
Sample Washcloth in Sugar n' Creme
Guest Slippers in Ella Rae
Sanpoku in Malabrigo

2007 UFO/WIP
Flaca's Afghan
Lift and Separate Wrap
Titi Vicky's Sock
Mr Greenjeans

2008 Goals
Hex Coat in Lite Lopi
Chantal in Ultra Alpaca and Ultra Alpaca Lite
Tilted Duster in Peruvia
Baby Blanket for Cousin (pattern to be determined)
Koolhas Hat
Ferrari (just making sure you are paying attention)
Lots of socks...

Fair Isle
Understanding fiber (which yarn for which project)
Designing my own pattern (oh lala)

Happy New Year!

I grew up with the original VJ's of MTV and this song always reminds me of Christmas. I wish everyone has a Reggae Christmas and a good time too!

Well, Christmas is almost here, and I am so excited. Honestly, we are doing a very low key Christmas because we are just sliding by with several jobs (I am almost done with the internship, almost done with the internship-it's a chant) but I still love this time of the year. I love driving at night and seeing all the homes decorated and this year we actually have a tree (that none of the pets have knocked down-yeah!). So, I promised some knitting updates, here they are-

My mom's Christmas present (she doesn't read my blog so I am cool with posting) it is a ribbed cowl in Misti Alpaca chunky and it is heavenly. Sunday and I were competiting to finished first and she beat me (hers was in the same yarn in a dark rusty red). I love this thing and I think she will love its smooshy character.

This is my everyday sweater. It is the Mr. Greenjeans pattern with no cables in Araucania Multi. I am enjoying this sweater and I can't wait to wear (I hope it fits nicely though I am taking some chances with it). If you haven't noticed I am not a huge fan of variegated yarns, I am just boring and okay with that. I love the splotches of colors.

Lastly, these are my mindless socks. I only have ten minute breaks at my other job and I need something I can knit relatively easy without care or concern and quickly. The jitterbug has a funny pooling to it that I guess most hand dyed sock yarns have. Anyways, I am not really concerned about finishing the socks they are more my anchor for sanity during my job.
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I owe many posts, but I have been working more than usual, so I thought I would share this because I love the holidays and I am getting excited...

Ok, I have been gone for over a week. Hmph. I don't have photos so I thought I would post some generic updates.

  • I need to redo the sleeve of the CPH. The second sleeve is much longer than the first one. Sigh, a lesson learned.
  • I need to redo the hem of the Green Gable. I am going to extend the hem of the sweater.
  • I need to read the The Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes. I have heard such great things and I haven't had time to open the book.
  • I need to post a picture of Mr Greenjeans in progress.
  • I need to finish the Modern Log Cabin Blanket which is currently asleep.

I hope everyone is doing well.

So, I obviously spent a lot of time studying for my final this Wednesday. Ahem. Yeah. I only have to read ten chapters and then remember what I read. You have to give me some slack it is the official last test I have to take in the program. I keep thinking don't screw this up you are so close to the end.

I finished the last two sleeves of Green Gable and it fits great. It is a little big because I did panic about the size of my arms and I think I really could have gotten away with the smaller size (I did something in between). I did extend the stitch pattern at the top because I thought it was pretty and tasteful. I didn't make 3/4 sleeves rather did the full sleeve. The arms were a little baggy and Lisa validated my belief that this should be a full sleeve. Okay, last thing, the rib at the bottom keeps curling up which is driving me crazy. I didn't do the rib in the larger needle as recommended so I am debating if I should go back reknit the rib much looser (it worked on the cuffs) and a little longer. Ideas?
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cash advance

Here is the first finished sleeve. Can you see the difference in length?

So, I got home tonight from stix and began cutting the second sleeve all by myself.
I pulled out The Big Book of Knitting which I have been informed by several people is only book they are aware of that covers shortening and lengthening sweaters (after you have finished knitting them). And began cutting the second sleeve.
I cut off over eight inches. I am now knitting the cuff.

Well, I was working on the sweater until one Puffiness launched one of her revolutionary protests and sat on my sweater.
That's okay, I finished the body of Purple Gable and I cast on the sleeve for this sweater (backround purple). Since, I am doing one of my old reliable 3/4 sleeves knitting the remainder of the sweater should not take so long.

OMG! I passed the comps! Who-hoo! Thanks to everyone who posted comments and sent emails!

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After finishing the CPH last year in Elizabeth Lavold Classic AL, the sweater lost its elasticity. I was not aware of this but Alpaca can lose its elasticity (I like typing that a lot) because that means it stretches. My CPH stretched so much even moreso in the sleeves that it looks like a brown cabled straight jacket. When I mention this to Debra she tells me, "let's cut them". Ahem, say what?

Thursday night I threw on the CPH. The red line marks slightly above my wrist.

We marked this point off.

Next, I took the seam out up to that point.

Then you cut the stitch below unwind the yarn out and pick up the live stitches using the needles.
Since we were packed Thursday night, I finished cutting the sleeve tonight. I unwound the yarn from the sleeve and started knitting the cuff. I am almost done with the cuff and I just need to do the other arm.

I am hoping to finish this so that Monday I will be wearing this to work. I am hoping to finish Green Gable, (although I think in Ravelry I call Purple Gable), before Christmas.
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When I took Maya out this morning I found this decent sized branch right outside our garage door. Not exactly how I pictured Ben cleaning up leaves. I guess that wind took down the branch. Interesting.

Yesterday afternoon after my return from visiting Columbia University, I found Ella Bean sleeping in Maya's dog bed. Another little surprise as Ella tends to hide throughout the daytime, so that was a nice surprise.

Large tree branch= not happy surprise
Shy kitty sleeping= happy surprise

Alright, one paper down for tonight. Second one due tomorrow that I will be working on ....only a few weeks left this semester.

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Maya's dish is removed tomorrow so she will be back at full force, although as you can see she manages just fine with the dish. Unfortunately, we haven't picked up BBC America or any other additional channels for our tv with the dish on her head.

Ok, so I have had a skein of hand dyed Misti Alpaca worsted weight yarn since June and I have always had in my mind to make Yarn a Go-Go Hot Water Bottle Cozy. My SIL wanted one and I thought alpaca is divine. Personally, I don't see this as a color she would like but MIL picked it out, so who knows, probably her mom more than me.

I finished knitting it and I just need to weave in ends, sew the bottom, and I am probably going to soak it in water and vinegar.
Not to soften it because it is oh so divine, but the yarn stained my needles (which the photo below doesn't show so well).
I have also been making progress on the Green Gable. I finished the armholes and I am about to start the shaping. I am knitting this in between size large and x-large. I love knitting with the Ultra Alpaca and this colorway is very pretty. I am already dreaming of my next project, Mr. Greenjeans.

Maya was fixed last week and has been subjected to wearing an Elizabethan collar to stop her from biting her stitches. She is quite mobile in the damn thing. It is quite interesting to see what appears to be a satellite dish with legs running around the backyard. However, this ends this weekend when the collar will be removed.
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Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

As promised, I finished Wicked last night. Yeah! The sleeves were a quick knit.
I am really happy with this sweater. The skeins of Malabrigo even though the same dye lot were so completely different looking in appearance, so I knit from two different skeins rotating each row and I think this minimized pooling. With today's snow, this was the perfect sweater. And, this sweater is not burgundy, or black, or grey, so it's like a whole new color for me.
Now, my new casted on sweater is not a whole new color for me because I just finished a purple sweater, but I still love it. I am knitting the Green Gable sweater in Ultra Alpaca in Lavender Mix. This purple has different speckles of purple in it. I extended the pattern further down on the front and I am going to knit long sleeves on this sweater as well.
At Chez Kahlo, there is plenty of knitting going on, primarily as a means to avoid doing school work. Actually, Cyn and I both have case presentations tomorrow (granted in different programs, in different schools, and in different states) which is almost done. I hate working on a project that I feel okay (oh well). Next week, my final paper for internship and a family counseling paper on Spanglish.
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The posh socks were done on Wednesday or something, I just never posted. And, I have a lot of yarn left. In fact, I may have enough for a little baby hat.

Also, I am finishing the Wicked sweater tonight. I finished the first sleeve Friday night. The second sleeve only has two decreases and the cuff. Even though I have a case presentation for Tuesday's class, I plan on finishing this sweater.

And, I have cast on the Green Gables sweater in Ultra Alpaca in Lavender Mix. The yarn is soft and I love the color. I am really excited to knit with something other than Malabrigo (which is still my favorite).

Okay, well, I am going to get back to watching Gone in 60 Seconds (on FX for the millionth time) and finishing Wicked.

Netflix Update: We got the original John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13. We love older John Carpenter films from the ambiance, the anti-hero, the synthesizer scores he composes, to the way he builds suspense. After watching Grindhouse it was kinda funny seeing the original 70's film Tarantino and Rodriguez were honoring/borrowing.
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I am so in love with Posh Yarns. I am definitely going to pick this yarn up in the near future. I already finished a sock. And I love how the yarn is splotches of colors and no pooling (that I can determine).

Did I mention that I finished the Noro striped scarf? Yessiree, I did.

I think this is such a great project, because it will always be different and unique. It is great to just see what will happen and how it happens.

I may end up making another one of these, and have I expressed my new love of Silk Garden? Well, I lurve it.
Ok, let me get back to the second sock and the new episode of Chuck.

Netflix Update: We rented 28 Weeks Later. Holy Smoke! See, I love scary movies, but I still have an overactive imagination and this is an overshare, but man, I should not really be watching scary movies. I had to make up for it today by watching Truth About Cats and Dogs.
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Well, the Colinette Jitterbug socks in Velvet Leaf for Ben are all done. It seems the man has tiny calves and long feet. Here are da man's feet wearing the socks and Maya's feet (I will let you guess who is who).
And before anyone asks I had sufficient yarn left but we are not long socks kinda people so that could be why.

I casted on the Posh Yarn, in Brook colorway, I picked up from Carrie. Oh it is so nice. It is smooshy. Also, I like the fact it is a color different from the usual colors I pick. In fact, I really like it. Thank you for de-stashing it!

And for those curious, I have started working on the sleeves for Wicked at a relaxed pace.
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I only promised months ago to post a photo of Ben wearing the Cobblestone Sweater (ahem and I never did). Well, I finally got him to wear the sweater. Granted he insists on wearing it with a long sleeve t-shirt, and I still need to soak it in vinegar and everything that has been recommended, I think it is not too shabby.

And now, I am knitting the man socks. Yes, the Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Leaf. One sock done, one to go.
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Yeah, my first pair of Colinette Jitterbug is all done. The color is Florentina. I did the short row heel. And I love my kitchener stitch. Remy mentioned at stix sit n' knit last night that she is going to attempt the toe up socks, but I somehow not compelled to do toe up. I am inspired to knit all of my jitterbug.

I started Ben's socks in Velvet Leaf. And then, I only have one skein left which is Mist (oh so pretty).

For all those who asked: I think I did good on the test, but who knows? My professors grade the test and I learn in six weeks if I passed. Thanks for all the thoughts. Make me smile!

Netflix Update:

Disturbia- really good. very suspenseful.
The Invisible- eh, okay. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be.
Wild Hogs- cute.
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I was stuck in class so no appreciating all the cute costumes this Halloween, ah, maybe next year.
Happy Halloween
to all the ghosts, ghouls, and gremlins....
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First of all, thank you all for the wonderful "good luck" wishes. I took the test Saturday morning and survived. I find out in six weeks if my attempts were well executed or if it was a noble gesture. Thank youz guyz!

On the knitting front: Yeah! I taught myself how to do a short row heel. Well, I googled short row heel and found this which explained it with lots of photos.
Ok, so what you see is the inside of my mind, nah, it's my sofa. I have my basic stockinette sock in Colinette Jitterbug Florentina. And, yes, I am attempting to knit the Koolhaas hat in Malabrigo in Cabernet. Unfortunately, I am having problems with the cables which makes me feel kinda dumb, but maybe Grumperina's tutorial will help me through this one.

Sigh, alright folks, let me get back to conquering this hat.
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Here it is!
My Socks that Rock.
I have my comprehensive exam this Saturday. Have I studied? No.
The next 48 hours consist of cramfest 2007.
In the meantime, here's the names.


Mustang Sally.

Hot Flash.
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Sammy's Seven Dog yarn in red. It is 50% samoyed and 50% merino wool. Granted this was totally an indulgent purchase. It is enough to make a hat and I am researching which hat I would like to make. Before you ask, it does have the slightest smell of Lassie. I don't think it would be a good option when raining.
I ran into Dame Candle lady and got my free samples! Fruity and sweet. I will let you know how the candle tarts are because I love my yummy smelly things (as opposed to my wet dog smelling things). And, to the right, is the Moving Mud closure. I love this place! I think they're stuff is beautiful. I have to make something to use it.
From the author tent, I picked up One Skein Wonders and Kristin Knits. Kristin Nicholas is so nice and approachable. I had a hoot and you already saw that I met Ann and Kay from Mason Dixon. Sadly, Alison wasn't there until later in the day, so no signed Charmed Knits.
Shameeka told me about Briar Rose and off I went. The buttons were gorgeous! I so wanted to buy more, but I should have picked out the yarn and then the buttons.
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