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As promised, I finished Wicked last night. Yeah! The sleeves were a quick knit.
I am really happy with this sweater. The skeins of Malabrigo even though the same dye lot were so completely different looking in appearance, so I knit from two different skeins rotating each row and I think this minimized pooling. With today's snow, this was the perfect sweater. And, this sweater is not burgundy, or black, or grey, so it's like a whole new color for me.
Now, my new casted on sweater is not a whole new color for me because I just finished a purple sweater, but I still love it. I am knitting the Green Gable sweater in Ultra Alpaca in Lavender Mix. This purple has different speckles of purple in it. I extended the pattern further down on the front and I am going to knit long sleeves on this sweater as well.
At Chez Kahlo, there is plenty of knitting going on, primarily as a means to avoid doing school work. Actually, Cyn and I both have case presentations tomorrow (granted in different programs, in different schools, and in different states) which is almost done. I hate working on a project that I feel okay (oh well). Next week, my final paper for internship and a family counseling paper on Spanglish.
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At 11:46 PM yarn4kalei said...

Hey Monica! Wicked looks AMAZING! Fantastic Job! Dee

At 10:23 AM Necia said...

Hi Monica,
I love the color. The sweater looks so squishy soft, and just so dang on comfortable! I really need to break out my wicked, and finish my sleeves. Maybe over this long weekend.


At 10:27 AM Kim said...

Wicked looks great! Love your modifications to Green Gable. It's going to be awesome in Alpaca with long sleeves.

At 10:52 AM Bezzie said...

Love the Wicked!! Maybe it the post should have been called Purple Rain/Snow Mix? ;-)

At 12:14 PM Jessie said...

Wicked is lovely! And I like how you beat the Malabrigo into submission. No pooling or flashing in sight!

At 12:26 PM CynCyn said...

Wicked will be so nice to snuggle into this winter! Hope the case presentation paper went well. It's done at least, right? If we wanted to be complete nerds we could discuss which theoretical orientations we were using.

At 3:10 AM IrishgirlieKnits said...

Wicked turned out fantastic!! I love it and I bet it must be so yummy soft! Great job!

Look at you go sweater girl!

happy thanksgiving!!!


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