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When I took Maya out this morning I found this decent sized branch right outside our garage door. Not exactly how I pictured Ben cleaning up leaves. I guess that wind took down the branch. Interesting.

Yesterday afternoon after my return from visiting Columbia University, I found Ella Bean sleeping in Maya's dog bed. Another little surprise as Ella tends to hide throughout the daytime, so that was a nice surprise.

Large tree branch= not happy surprise
Shy kitty sleeping= happy surprise

Alright, one paper down for tonight. Second one due tomorrow that I will be working on ....only a few weeks left this semester.

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At 10:37 AM Kim said...

The end is near! (the semester that is). Good thing you didn't have a car parked where the branch landed. Cute kitty!

At 12:39 PM Batty said...

Good luck with the paper writing!

Maya is very cute. The dog will have to find a different place to sleep from now on, I'm afraid.


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