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The posh socks were done on Wednesday or something, I just never posted. And, I have a lot of yarn left. In fact, I may have enough for a little baby hat.

Also, I am finishing the Wicked sweater tonight. I finished the first sleeve Friday night. The second sleeve only has two decreases and the cuff. Even though I have a case presentation for Tuesday's class, I plan on finishing this sweater.

And, I have cast on the Green Gables sweater in Ultra Alpaca in Lavender Mix. The yarn is soft and I love the color. I am really excited to knit with something other than Malabrigo (which is still my favorite).

Okay, well, I am going to get back to watching Gone in 60 Seconds (on FX for the millionth time) and finishing Wicked.

Netflix Update: We got the original John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13. We love older John Carpenter films from the ambiance, the anti-hero, the synthesizer scores he composes, to the way he builds suspense. After watching Grindhouse it was kinda funny seeing the original 70's film Tarantino and Rodriguez were honoring/borrowing.
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At 9:04 PM CynCyn said...

OMG. I'll trade you case presentations! Mine is also due on Tuesday. Socks look great!

At 11:02 PM IrishgirlieKnits said...

Those socks came out fabulously! Great job!! It seems like I just mailed it to you a week or so ago! That was fast!!

At 9:15 AM Jennifer said...

You are cranking out socks so fast! I can't wait to see your Wicked!

At 11:19 AM sunneshine said...

That yarn really knits beautifully!! And would be a great color for a baby hat!


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