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Sammy's Seven Dog yarn in red. It is 50% samoyed and 50% merino wool. Granted this was totally an indulgent purchase. It is enough to make a hat and I am researching which hat I would like to make. Before you ask, it does have the slightest smell of Lassie. I don't think it would be a good option when raining.
I ran into Dame Candle lady and got my free samples! Fruity and sweet. I will let you know how the candle tarts are because I love my yummy smelly things (as opposed to my wet dog smelling things). And, to the right, is the Moving Mud closure. I love this place! I think they're stuff is beautiful. I have to make something to use it.
From the author tent, I picked up One Skein Wonders and Kristin Knits. Kristin Nicholas is so nice and approachable. I had a hoot and you already saw that I met Ann and Kay from Mason Dixon. Sadly, Alison wasn't there until later in the day, so no signed Charmed Knits.
Shameeka told me about Briar Rose and off I went. The buttons were gorgeous! I so wanted to buy more, but I should have picked out the yarn and then the buttons.
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At 11:31 AM Jessie said...

The folks at Moving Mud said that a lot of people buy their buttons and then find the yarn and knit the sweater to best show off the buttons! I love Briar Rose - one of my favorite vendors, but I didn't buy any yarn from them this year.

I also wanted Kristin Nicholas' book, but she was sold out by the time I stopped by!

At 5:34 PM hy said...

I was there on Sunday but couldn't find the Seven Sammy's booth! erg...I knitted a hat out of the skein I bought last year. It is nice and warm. I bought a felted hat for me and for Marlis though.

At 9:06 AM Ina said...

VERY nice acquisitions! By the time I got to Kristin, the books were all gone and she said re-order will take at least 3 weeks.

At 1:27 PM Deborah said...

love that briar rose place. do you know about their knitalong??


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