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After finishing the CPH last year in Elizabeth Lavold Classic AL, the sweater lost its elasticity. I was not aware of this but Alpaca can lose its elasticity (I like typing that a lot) because that means it stretches. My CPH stretched so much even moreso in the sleeves that it looks like a brown cabled straight jacket. When I mention this to Debra she tells me, "let's cut them". Ahem, say what?

Thursday night I threw on the CPH. The red line marks slightly above my wrist.

We marked this point off.

Next, I took the seam out up to that point.

Then you cut the stitch below unwind the yarn out and pick up the live stitches using the needles.
Since we were packed Thursday night, I finished cutting the sleeve tonight. I unwound the yarn from the sleeve and started knitting the cuff. I am almost done with the cuff and I just need to do the other arm.

I am hoping to finish this so that Monday I will be wearing this to work. I am hoping to finish Green Gable, (although I think in Ravelry I call Purple Gable), before Christmas.
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At 3:56 PM Kim said...

Holy shit! That is a bold and ingenius move. Very very clever. It was nice seeing you on Saturday. I'm so happy with all my new yarn.


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