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I am so in love with Posh Yarns. I am definitely going to pick this yarn up in the near future. I already finished a sock. And I love how the yarn is splotches of colors and no pooling (that I can determine).

Did I mention that I finished the Noro striped scarf? Yessiree, I did.

I think this is such a great project, because it will always be different and unique. It is great to just see what will happen and how it happens.

I may end up making another one of these, and have I expressed my new love of Silk Garden? Well, I lurve it.
Ok, let me get back to the second sock and the new episode of Chuck.

Netflix Update: We rented 28 Weeks Later. Holy Smoke! See, I love scary movies, but I still have an overactive imagination and this is an overshare, but man, I should not really be watching scary movies. I had to make up for it today by watching Truth About Cats and Dogs.
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At 9:46 AM Kim said...

Cool socks. I gotta get me some Posh yarn. Noro Silk Garden is a huge delight! Nice scarf BTW.

At 10:44 AM Deborah said...

one of the things that I've been secretly doing is buying one skein of silk garden or malabrigo whenever I find myself in a yarn store. My LYS does not carry either so this is a safe strategy.

I haven't used my malabrigo that I bought from you, i'm thinking of using them for Dashing.

At 3:25 AM IrishgirlieKnits said...

I'm sure glad I decided to not destash the other skein of Posh yarn! So glad you tested it out for us and you give it a thumbs up! You know you like it when you can't put it down! Look at you go with the socks!

Love the color too!

At 2:37 PM KnitXcorE said...

you have knitting elves don't you????
i was trying to boycott the noro scarf but each one i see is better than the last!!!

At 9:54 AM Ina said...

Very purty. Must try Posh socks myself.


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