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You might recall I helped organize my friend's baby shower, Anna Bannana, which took place in March, well yesterday I finally saw Mama Anna and Baby Genni (short for Gennevieve-all ten letters). Anna lives on City Island, that's somewhere past the Bronx in New York and a few miles short of Connecticutt. And for all the Sopranos fans it is where Big Pussy lived. I was proud I left early (a first) and arrived at a decent time (against all holiday traffic). We ventured off to Scarsdale to visit Sticks and Strings. Laura Z. the designer of Dragonfly pattern works there part time. I enjoyed the looking at the selection of Koigu, and managed to finally pick up two skeins of the Flamingo stripe in Lorna's Laces. All three of us then ventured to the Nautilus dinner for yummy food. (On a side note: is Nautilus the most common name for a dinner?)
So, there's Mama. I know you really want to see the adorable baby, ok, here she is sleeping in her crib.

She is only a few weeks old so she is incredibly tiny and sweet. We spent all day discussing who features she inherited. I can't wait to see her grow up. I already asked what the theme for her first birthday party will be. Both Mama and Daddy were very happy (exhausted but blissfully happy).

And here's a picture of my Flamingo yarn.
Granted you are probably wondering what happened to the yarn? The answer...

Meet Gracie the other new member of their family. Gracie is a mix including (possibly) Whippet, Border Collie or Terrier. She feasted on my new yarn purchase. But, she is so cute so I forgive her.
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At 10:07 AM --Deb said...

Congratulations on the new "family" members! (I count good friends as the same as family, so...)

At 1:55 PM KnitXcorE said...

awwwww, a baby! let the knitting tiny fun begun. that flamingo stripe is awesome (even if the dog tried to eat it)!

At 10:47 AM forgetfulstitcher9 said...

She is so cute! Tell Anna that both she and the baby look very happy and content.

As for Gracie, I think the words Die dog Die would have come out of my mouth when I saw what she had done. But then again, me and your cat go way back, I still think he has it in for my yarn. Off damn spot off! LOL! Also, I MUST say that you did a fabulous job picking the most gorgeous color way out there. I thought about that at one point, but I figured I needed to go a different way then usual. I'm going to frog part of my Jaywalkers, and redo the heel, I'm not content with it.

Does any of this sound like me? No, odd. I think I'm in knitting lala land.

At 11:56 AM Kim said...

That is one cute baby! Welcome Gracie! I love that Falmingo sock yarn. Maybe Gracie was trying to wind the yarn into yarn cake?


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