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Today, was Anna Banana's Baby Shower. The theme for the shower was April's Showers Bring Mommy and Daddy a Special Flower. Yes, a gardening theme in pink and green. Each guest was given a white mini pail with flower seeds which they can plant in their garden.
I ordered a special diaper cake. For those who have never seen a diaper cake is diapers shaped to look like a three tier cake. Again, pink and green. And the coolest part - it is totally usable by the mom to be. The cake was ordered from JBug Designs on etsy.
The centerpieces were watering cans filled with pink flowers and were given to the mom to be and to her cousin who offered her home for the event. The cards on the table were for guests to fill out warm wishes to Anna which she could read at a later time. Also shown were onesies which we decorated a la Gilmore Girls.
And here is the special mom to be holding up the Diaper Duty Kit (also by J Bug Designs). This gift is such a hoot and was for the father to be and included face masks, goggles, and all sorts of fun stuff. The apron says "Warning: Ulli is on Diaper Duty". We are hoping for a photo with Ulli wearing all the stuff.

Lastly not pictured here was Bingo Cards which I got from Watermelon Workshop (in fact you will notice the sample is from this shower as she can customize). I ordered these cards because they are already completed and they are all unique. It took a while for the person to win and was so much fun. We had at this party a lot of Russians, an English MIL, my mom, and some co-workers yet everyone was laughing and debating the options. It was a hoot!

Also, we had a baby food contest. What is that? Everyone tried different baby foods and guessed what the flavors were. They tried baby foods. Th foods had stickers on them and everyone got a sheet and then wrote down what they thought the food is including, tendered sweet peas, sweet potatoes, peaches, chicken (tastes like cat food I have been told), prunes, and some others.

The prizes were tulips in matching planters. It was a blast
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At 5:07 PM k8et said...

DOLP! you should have told me you were organizing the shower. i made Brie a diaper cake, so easy, i could have shown you or made one for you!!! i also had to do all the crazy games and stuff, i made an excel bingo sheet with items personalized from her baby registry, and each sheet printed with unique combinations. it's fun!

missing you, i'm busy this weekend but we must hang soon.

hey next saturday a friend is having a shopping party with 3 different home party reps coming: purses, food, and sex toys. wanna go?? ;o)

At 3:22 PM lilskrimp01 said...

I love the diaper duty kit. Gotta get that added to my baby registry!


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