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I have been feeling tired lately so I bailed on the Thursday snb so I can remain in my pajamas. Oh, yeah, I did make progress on the Log Cabin. KnitXCore posted a photo of the progress on his blanket, and of course, we are knitting off to see who finishes first. Stop by Robbie's site and check in on his blanket.

This is an easy pattern which you can make up as you go along (not that I am doing that-oh yeah that is exactly what I am doing). It is gater stitch so you can watch whatever show and knit. In my case we are watching Blade 3 (again for the second time). While I do enjoy the plot and characters better in Blade 2, I think Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds and Triple H were fantabulous! And most times, I can enjoy Parker Posey but this movie is one of the times I don't and the guy who plays Dracula was ho-hum. I think joining the Buffy KAL made me have a thirst for some vampire viewing.

Tomorrow, I go to visit Anna Bannana and see her daughter. I wll probably bring socks and baby blanket for knitting. Although, I am going over to be of assistance. Wish me luck driving over the GWB on Memorial Day Weekend.

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At 9:33 AM Kim said...

I missed my SnB last night too. I was packing up for a weekend away! Enjoy your weekend! I really like your log cabin blanket and think I may have to start one myself.

At 9:34 AM Midnight Purls said...

Good luck with the blanket. You and Robby are inspiring me to get working on mine. I've been knitting it for almost a year now. Well actually, it's been on the needles for almost a year now. I've I had been knitting it, it would be finished by now!

At 10:45 AM KnitXcorE said...

hehe. i like the skinny strips on yours. maybe i should throw a few in mine..... lookin' good :-)


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