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  1. Thanks to all those who have submitted entries into the contest. Keep them coming!
  2. I am still working on my paper so no updates on the knitting front.
  3. I found this cool website which has all the yarns and the colorways with information on the yarn. It is one of those sites to have bookmarked just in case.
  4. DH put the crate together for our future visitor, yeah!
  5. I hate when the cordless phone is running low on batteries and insists on beeping every minute to notify me. I will recharge you when I am done posting!!!

2 threads:

At 11:34 AM Kim said...

I've got yarndex bookmarked. Wasn't it yesterday's page on the StitchnBitch daily calendar?

At 3:43 PM Netter said...

I love yarndex. It's like shopping without the temptation to spend. I think I sat next to you last night at the Harlot reading!


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