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I picked her up after work today from Orphaned Pets. I brought her to Petco to pick up some dry food and bowls. Not the smartest move especially when an overstimulated dog is leaping from seat to seat and licking your ear as you cruise down Bloomfield Ave. I also picked up the seatbelt harness while there. She is so incredibly exuberant, bright, and quick.

Well, you have to love this photo a beautiful dog and her sheep squeaker toy from Target. She has been chewing on the sheep for an hour which is better than the knitted catnip toys she was attempting to play with.
As soon as I brought her in the kitties went to the upstairs guest bedroom and hid behind the curtains. They have been slowly exploring the house again. She is a good dog. If the photos help inspire you to participate in the name contest by all means. And I do have to say there are the cutest collars and leashes on etsy (oh my gosh!).
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At 9:02 AM The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh my god, she is the cutest thing!!!!!! :-)) I still think Frieda would be a good name ;-)

A couple friends of ours are also getting today their puppy "delivered" by the foster mum! We're going there this evening to meet her - also a black lab mix!!! Yey for puppies!!

At 5:11 PM Knittymama said...

She is so lovely! I'm jealous:-)

At 5:35 PM aruni said...

She really is a beautiful dog--I love black lab mixes!

At 1:27 PM CynCyn said...

She's adorable, I'm glad she's found a home where she'll be loved.

At 3:49 PM --Deb said...

She's adorable!! Glad to hear about the seatbelt harness, too . . . I was actually going to suggest that--Chappy always wears one.

She's really beautiful--congratuations!

At 8:48 AM Zarzuela said...

Awww... she's adorable! Congrats on the new member of the family. :)


At 10:16 AM Kim said...

What a cutie! She looks os hapy too! Congrats!


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