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Well after yesterday I am still sleepy. The shower was good, but I need to seriously work on my paper and all I have been doing since I got home from work is cleaning. You know it's bad when your procrastination stretegy is to clean when you usually procrastinate from cleaning.

Friendly reminder, I am having a contest. Click here and read about it.

Ultimately, now that my knitting baby blanket #1 is done, I am debating what to pick up next. Options include:

  • Wicked pattern in Malabrigo in Orchid colorway
  • Baby Blanket #2 in Mongolian Cashmere in sage green
  • Baby Blanket #3 in Berroco fluffy yarn (that is not the technical name I just don't remember)
  • Arwen cardigan (which I don't have the yarn, but I just looked at Poodle Days and Starry Knits and drooled)
  • Baby poncho for Gracie's birthday present (2nd cousin)
  • Something else from my stash

Alright, fine, I will work on my paper.

3 threads:

At 8:38 PM Krista M said...

I vote for Sylvia Plath due to the all black coat!

At 12:41 PM Cece said...

Ohhh... the malabrigo!! So soft and nice! That is my vote!

At 3:34 PM Kim said...

I'm always a sucker for malabrigo. Or maybe one of the baby blankets.


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