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Saturday morning and DH was walking Layla at 7am. A couple of hours later we were drinking coffee, cleaning, and then ripping up the rug from the addition. Here's the thing, the rug smelled like pee, cat pee. Stinky! We pulled up the rug, the padding, and the tacks. Doesn't DH look happy? Especially, when we discovered this stunning linoleum underneath. What's better is that the wallpaper we found when we ripped out the molding was the same colors in a different loud pattern. Next week, we plan on throwing down the floor.
Here's sheepy! I picked up this cute little thing from Target and Layla loves it. She has been tossing it up in the air. Tomorrow, DH will try and bring her to the Verona dog park and maybe, possibly, to meet Sheila and Sunday at stix.

We did stop by Michael's in East Hanover for some framing for artwork we have had for a while. Bob and Marion who work there are so good. When they have the 50% off framing order they were run off their feet. I think it will be the last of things to be framed (thankfully).
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At 11:03 AM Anonymous said...

Your new puppy is sooooo cute! I have two dogs myself, both of them are pit bulls, named Chance and King. Don't buy into the stereotype though, they are just big cuddlebugs. I have a suggestion for a name, in line with your naming after famous people. How about Zimmy, after the godmother of knitting herself, Elizabeth Zimmerman?
Good luck picking a name!
-Your Secret Pal

At 10:20 AM Kim said...

What a relief to get rid of stinky piss carpet! We need new flooring in our kitchen as parts of it are being held down with duct tape. We'll get to it eventually. I'd be more motivated it if it stunk like cat pee. ha ha

At 12:54 PM It's Me, Maven... said...

I'm popping in here, as you popped into my FiberPorn site in Januaryish, and I just got around to viewing my comments...

Where in Jersey are you? I lived in Madison before moving to NY. I go to Montclair once a month or so for yarn shopping and mental health days.

I noticed the reference to Michael's in EHanover and made me miss my old local haunts! What do you think of Jimmy Buffs right there? I don't think it's like the original (in West Orange), but I'd gladly go for one right about now. There's no such thing as an "Italian Hot Dog" on this side of the Hudson!

Going to troll through your posts... I'm interested!


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