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So, I combined two patterns into this one and sorta just went with it. I hope it fits the baby it is intended (at some point in its lifetime).
It is the Cascade Superwash Handpainted yarn which is really nice to knit.

I thought the buttons were very cute and afterwards I realized I could have made the heart pattern larger.
If I made it again I would make the body in one color and the trim and heart in a contrasting color. I am still thinking about this whole pattern process.

Of course, another baby surprise jacket. I intentionally buy the Socks that Rock mediumweight at Rhinebeck just to make some baby surprises. I am going to attempt a hood to go on top just for something different. At this point all my STR is gone until Rhinebeck 2009.
Speaking of Rhinebeck (nine months away) I finally picked up the Sheldridge Farms yarn and I am so in love with this yarn. It is incredibly soft to knit and it definitely deserves its name "Soft Touch". I will post photos of the sweater I am making. Again, I am just playing with a sweater pattern from Custom Knits but making modifications here and there.

We had a good time during our snow day today. I made Farina for breakfast and pizza triscuits for lunch and chili for dinner. Luckily we had a movie from Netflix so Ben was able to finally appreciate Best in Show. Lots of knitting took place AND I took a mid day nap. It was a great snow day!
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At 7:25 AM Batty said...

Cute baby jackets! I really like the one with the heart. It looks great as is, but I do think a contrasting heart would be extra adorable. Not that a baby in hand-knits needs anything to be extra adorable...

At 12:02 PM Kim said...

What an adorable trio of sweaters! You are going hog wild with the baby knitting lately. I am so jealous of your snow day. I had to schlepp to work in the horrible weather. Ick.

Ahh Rhinebeck! Something to look forward to.

At 1:36 PM Lynn said...

I love the heart just as it is!


At 3:27 AM Tips and Tricks blog said...

A great post - I continually feel that it's less simple than I previously thought.


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