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I have a slightly obssessive personality. I call them Monk-isms, named after my favorite tv character.

So, when I wanted a quick and mindless project and thought I would also finish off some orphan skeins, the umbilical cord baby hat from stitch n' bitch. Sheila had given me some Adrienne Vittadini Diana (cotton blend) skeins which turned into two hats.
The two skeins of Scoubi Dou I had leftover turned into two hats.

So, then I found some Cascade Superwash Handpainted yarn in the cute baby colorway. I made the quick baby sweater for a newborn and then made a matching hat with the leftover yarn.
Here's the sweater! It is a gift for someone at work.

Well, I am hoping there is a snow day tomorrow, let's keep our fingers croseed.

If I do, I will be working on the Log Cabin Blanket (three skeins from finishing) and a top down sweater in Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Yarns. Ok, the Shelridge Farms yarn is so incredibly soft to knit that I am thinking of picking up more yarn for another sweater. hmmmm.... It is really nice. For anyone going to Rhinebeck in October definitely check this vendor out!
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At 6:38 AM Bezzie said...


Cute hats. I'm a convert to the rolled brims--Moochie HATES when a hat slips over his eyes and the rolled brims are perfect.

At 4:20 PM Kim said...

What sweet hats! I bought some of the Sheldridge Farm sock yarn at Rhinebeck this year. So soft & amazing colors.

I am disappointed that the snow turned to rain. Ick.

At 3:23 AM Tips and Tricks blog said...

I love that idea. Awesome Post..

At 2:52 AM Dr. Surinder Bazaz said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

At 6:03 AM Dr. Rajesh Sharma said...

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At 6:54 AM Dr. Nevin Kishore said...

Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!


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