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Ok, so I finally added the buttons to the Baby Surprise Jacket. This is good because the baby boy was born recently and I love his name: Flyn Thomas. How cool! So, he gets a cool jacket.

I enjoyed the jacket so much I picked up the Socks That Rock in Harlotty and made a BSJ with a collar. This is not made with anyone in mind, but just because. Here's the thing: I picked up STR Mediumweight at Rhinebeck and I wasn't in love with it. I love the colors, but somehow the yarn never knits how I expect it, but it worked fabulous for this project. It just needs buttons. I cast on Wednesday and cast off today (Saturday) not bad in my opinion.

I also had this project hanging out in my home and I think it is time. If Flyn is getting a sweater and blanket (remember the Babe Blanket) then his sister Gracie should get a poncho. I think this should fit her (it goes over my head).
I am tempted to make all the straggling sock yarn into a baby surprise jacket, but I think I may have to experiment with some other projects.

Oh-so our July 4th was a blast. We visited my folks on the lake with Maya and Skye. Maya ended up chasing a gaggle of geese into the lake and then across it. When we realized she wasn't coming back, we jumped in my dad's electric boat chasing her with all the neighbors fishing watching the activities. A boat that was passing by turned around to chase her. So, picture this- a goose swimming across the lake with a mini black lab two feet behind with a boat of six people four feet behind and another boat of three people eight feet behind. Luckily, the other boat grabbed Maya and then commented what kind of dog she must be (the lab is the swimmer, the terrier is the overly focused). We then maneuvered the boats to load her on the boat to go back to the house with all the neighbors then asking, "Does she have lab in her?" Sadly, no photos documented this event.

Have a great weekend!
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At 2:34 AM IrishgirlieKnits said...

Look how cute those baby surprise jackets are!! The harlotty with the collar is too cute!! Good to know I could use mediumweight for this (as I must cast these on for some babies!).

Oh Maya! Gotta love that dog :)

And Flyn is an awesome name!

At 11:13 AM Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Maya's a nut!!!

Nice BSJs.

At 8:34 PM KnitXcorE said...

i effing love those things!
i need someone else to have some damn babies!


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