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This is such a quick knit. It went super fast and only towards the end was I grinding my teeth because of the feather and fan part (which is much better because I usually do that in the middle of the project).

I used Cascade Eco-Wool in a lovely Chocolate color. It took two skeins and I have half of the second one in my bag.

I may make another one or two of these for family members.

I am debating who gets one though. It is so tempting to make this!

I blocked the hemlock ring this afternoon. Yeah!

Ok, other projects I am working on:

Juliet in Malabrigo. I am ripping the bind off and adding another repeat of the lace pattern and adding some sleeves.
Lady February Sweater KAL will start shortly so I am getting everything ready.
Hex Coat, I am working on the first sleeve.
Children's Cotton Hat, I just finished a store sample in Cotonade.
Flying V scarf, I just finished a store sample in the Great Adirondack yarn.
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At 3:24 AM IrishgirlieKnits said...

The blanket turned out beautifully!! I love it!

At 6:47 AM Bezzie said...

It looks great--I can't wait to see Juliet next!

At 12:35 PM KnitXcorE said...

i have the yarn, i've just been hesitant to start it for some reason......

u win again!

At 3:50 PM Ellen said...

Love it! I actually just bought the yarn for this proect last week! About how long did it take you?

At 11:44 PM Knittymama said...

Beautiful!!! I'll have to keep that pattern in mind.

At 10:30 AM Kim said...

So so boo-tee-ful!

At 1:00 PM Batty said...

Oh my, that's stunning!

At 9:44 PM Deborah said...

Using the eco wool for the hemlock ring was a great idea. Now I'm wondering if I'll give this a try.

At 2:20 PM pepper said...

So beautiful, it's really special.
FYI: if there are any other issues or confusions with the school stuff let us know and we'll help you as much as possible :D


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