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So, I am always shopping for ideas for fundraisers for PAWS and I came across the ice cream social held at St. Hubert's. What a great idea! Ice cream for humans and their four legged companions. They have kiddie pools set up for the dogs and everyone gets to enjoy the lovely weather!

Skye enjoyed the day, but not the Frosty Paws chicken flavored ice cream.

Maya, on the other hand, really loved the chicken flavored ice cream. Here she is focused on the ice cream that she pushed under the table.

Ok, I have much much knitting to post. For instance, I should post a picture of my hemlock ring blanket and my juliet sweater and the flying v scarf I am making, and the hex coat I picked up (again). We will just have to wait a few more days as I have many hours to work this week.
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At 6:46 AM Bezzie said...

Chicken flavored ice cream! Brilliant!!!

At 9:31 AM Amy said...

My dogs love Frosty Paws. Or I should say, Gracie loves it; I don't think Holli's had any yet (we only got her in November-Frosty Paws are for summer!).

At 11:39 AM Kim said...

My dog loves Frosty Paws. I never realized it was chicken flavored. No wonder she loves it so much.


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