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Well, my computer battery or charger is having problems so I am working on a tiny old computer.  A lot has happened.

I graduated.  I didn't attend the graduation.  There's something about a stadium full of 20,000 people that doesn't interest me even if I have to wear a robe that makes me sweat with complete strangers.  I called the school and they are mailing my diploma (it should arrive eventually).

I have been working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket.  Yeah!  I love it.  Two skeins of Cascade Eco-wool and I haven't messed it up.  It's lace and I haven't messed it up.  The picture is the first night I started the project.  

I have been working on socks.  Lotsa socks.
This is Yarnahoy Yarn and it's nice.  
This is Cascade Heritage Handpainted socks in the David's Eye colorway (I think that is what it is called) and I love this yarn.  I already finished these socks.  
The socks are being mailed to my Titi Vicky (my aunt) who asked for a pair a long time ago.

Ok, so I owe more pictures.

Other than that, all is well.

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At 7:05 PM Bezzie said...

Congrats grad! Yeah, we skipped Dr. MS's graduation--color me BORED at the thought of having to to something like that!

Nice progress on the Hemlock Blanket. Can't wait to see how that one turns out.

At 12:34 AM IrishgirlieKnits said...

Congratulations!!!! Good for you!!

Yay for socks too!! And the Hemlock Blanket is looking nice :)

At 2:49 PM Kim said...

Love all your projects. Congrats on graduating. I'd bag out of the bazillion people mob scene too. Better to stay home & relax.

At 9:48 AM kewpiedoll99 said...


I've been busy with the new job so I haven't been to Sit & Knit lately. It's good to see your projects. Hope to get to S&K soon and say hi!


At 11:09 PM Knittymama said...

Congrats!!! What great news!!

At 12:34 PM Batty said...


And beautiful knitting. Great work all around.

At 10:52 AM Deborah said...

Oooh, I want to do the smoke ring too!


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