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Although, I am breaking my silence, there will sadly be no knitting related material.

Here's the deal, I have literally one class left before I finish my master's program. I have my resume and cover letter (pretty much ready) and I have my last day of internship this Friday. I have had papers, logs, and assignments due in class and at my site, and well, that was a lot. I don't think I have knitted an hour in the past month which is really sad. I have so much stuff on the needles.

It was also my birthday which was celebrated at the lake with my folks, my husband, and our dogs.

Did I say dogs?

Did I mention we also adopted another dog?

In addition, to the hyperactive super excited chewing everything in site terrier known as Maya we adopted another one.

Yup, we did.

Yes, we are insane.

Meet Skye.

Skye was adopted in the beginning of April. She is part Husky (thus the blue eyes) and part Border Collie (thus her interesting stance when things move and her constant desire to herd).

You might notice a scar around her muzzle. Skye was brought into the shelter as a puppy with wire wrapped around her muzzle (probably some freak's idea of stopping her from barking) which left the scar.

She is not really a fan of water, but thinking about it, Husky dogs like snow, and Border Collies like sheep. Water doesn't fit this equation. She does love...

Maya. This is is Maya swimming like a fiend on my birthday. She likes to play fetch in the water (while Skye likes to bark at her). They get along really well together. They wrestle together and since they are the same size and temperament it works out pretty well.

Idiosyncracies? She barked at hay the other day.

Otherwise we are following the Cesar Milan philosophy that a tired dog is a happy dog and so these guys are getting walked twice a day and have visited the Watsessing Dog Park three times a week.

We are really happy (and tired).
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At 7:45 PM Amy said...

Happy belated birthday, and congrats on Skye! Yeah, what's up with people--a wire around a muzzle. Sheesh. Well, Skye has a good home now.

I love Cesar Milan, but I'm afraid he'd come to our house and decide the humans were beyond redemption. :-)

At 10:20 PM crazyknittinglady said...

What gorgeous dogs, both of them. Your new girl looks like a beautiful friendly friend ;)

At 10:27 PM --Deb said...

Well, that's a whole lot of updating. Congratulations on being so close to finishing your Masters! Happy Birthday! Welcome, Skye! Just ... wow! You've been very busy. (grin)

At 3:03 AM IrishgirlieKnits said...

Skye is just beautiful!! Busy and fun house indeed I bet! Hang in there with school! Happy belated birthday!

At 9:07 AM Bezzie said...

She's beautiful! Given her background you could get her to herd musk ox! ;-)

At 12:05 PM Beverly said...

Such a cute puppy! Good for you for adopting her.

At 12:23 PM Batty said...

Such a cutie! No wonder you couldn't resist.

At 2:28 PM Ellen said...

Skye is beautiful! Was she named for her eye color?

At 12:05 PM Kim said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats on the new doggy! I heart Skye and that photo of her laughing is awesome. I'm sure Sky is very happy in her new home with her new canine pal Maya.

At 3:03 PM monica said...

Skye is adorable! I'm glad she's getting along with Maya.

At 10:02 PM Ina said...

Happy Birthday! Love the smile in the 2nd Skye photo. Good luck with that last class - so close!!!

At 2:25 PM elan said...

Grats our Rosie was part border collie & had a lovely girl, we did find however that at the end of a walk on the beach she'd moved us all into one step at a time into a group. she'd just circle & circle forcing you to step in to avoid her & if we didn't resist we were herded, which all in all was good when the kids were little.

At 1:52 PM Sonya said...

What a beautiful girl! They will be the best of friends.
She must have been telling the hay not to get any ideas about bailing. (you know a bale of hay) hehe


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