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Saturday was a nice day.

I finished my last class on Tuesday. The last class of my master's program, which gets a big who-hoo!
Friday was the last day of my internship. The office organized the nicest most lovely breakfast for me and gave me a gift. I really am going to miss all of them.

Saturday did not follow the plan where I would sleep in late. At 9am, we made a donation to A Purrfect World's Tricky Tray, dropped Ben's car off at the garage. 10am-we visited Costco. 11am-We ate breakfast at the Rock n' Roll bistro. 12pm-we went to the dog park.

The dog park.

The collage of the girls running around.

I will be reading a book and working on Juliet.

I am knitting this single stranded on larger needles in Malabrigo, Apricot color, and I am on the lace pattern.

Tomorrow- road trip.
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At 8:42 PM Batty said...

Congratulations! Being done with classes is huge.

At 11:42 AM Bezzie said...

Congrats to be done w/school! Woot!

And Costco on a Saturday? Are you nuts?! ;-)

At 11:46 PM cpurl17 said...

Congrats on the completion of classes!

hope you had/have a great road trip!

At 8:18 AM Deborah said...

Malabrigo colors are so sweet.

At 1:53 PM Sonya said...

That is a huge accomplishment. Good for you!

I love malabrigo


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