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I have maybe knit a few rows in a week primarily because I am adjusting to a new schedule with a new part time job while I am working on finishing my internship this semester (two months to go!).

Somewhere in February, I finished the Socks That Rock in Hot Flash medium weight. These socks will be mailed to MIL in the UK for Mother's Day (which is in March).

Sometime in February, I started Cherry Tree Hill socks in potluck color (blues and purples) which I believe I picked in the Outer Banks.

One project I have been working diligently on (since I needed an extended break from the hex coat) is the linen stitch baby blanket.

Linen stitch is gorgeous. On one side it looks woven and the other side looks like seed stitch. I am on the fourth band out of five and it moves pretty quick besides which the stitch is easy to memorize.

I have a midterm paper due in a few days and then I have a case presentation in a week, other than that the work is subsiding for my program. Simultaneously, the urge to purge and organize the knitting room is increasing. Agh-spring cleaning!
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At 10:25 PM IrishgirlieKnits said...

Those Hot Flash socks are fabulous! Lovely!!

I love the linen stitch baby blanket too. Gorgeous indeed!!

At 7:25 AM Bezzie said...

Hee! I love that name of the color for the MIL socks! They look good for med-weight. Faster aren't they?

At 12:29 PM Knittymama said...

Love those pink socks! They're so springy!!

At 1:55 PM Kim said...

Hang in there busy lady! Love the socks and linen stitch looks awesome. I must try it.


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