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Obviously, stress translates into retail therapy and startitis. Granted my hex coat is floating somewhere in lala land, a baby blanket is almost done, I started a pair of socks a week ago, and last night cast on for a completely different pair.

Oh-so my retail therapy included purchasing two skeins of Claudia Handpainted in Just Plum.

This was a temptation purchase. I have never knit with Claudia and I am enjoying the yarn. I think that I will be purchasing more in some brighter colors (Limeade, Sherbet, Jungle, to name a few).

This is where I am now.

Don't think I am a super fast knitter, today I had a day off. I zoned out to a Clean House marathon (I love Niecy Nash) and then spent an hour at sbux with a Grande Caramel Macchiato (damn I love that drink!).

Back to knitting and Shaun of the Dead (I love Simon Pegg), then onto Project Runway!
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At 7:16 AM Bezzie said...

Woah! That seems fast to me. Looks like the plum therapy is working.

At 8:22 AM Amy said...

Shaun of the Dead followed by Project Runway strikes me as an absolutely perfect double feature. You could have made it a triple by adding Hot Fuzz for full Pegg-iness glory.

So what'd you think of PR's finale?

At 9:30 AM Ina said...

Excellent therapy! I hope the stress lessens, too.

At 11:22 AM Kim said...

Just Plum is just great. Shaun of the Dead & Project Runway are a perfect combo. I fell asleep before the end of Project Runway last night so I don't know who won yet! Rami or Christian? I'm betting it wasn't Jillian.

At 2:18 PM Lynn said...

That's a lotta sock for one day!

At 7:52 PM elan said...

Yum, That's just what I like at sbux. There's one right next door to the post office I go to everyday, I've been resisting & have only gone once since Christmas.

Love that colour.

At 11:06 PM IrishgirlieKnits said...

It is a gorgeous colorway! Wait, I think I have that same one in my stash! :) Here's to retail therapy!!

At 9:52 PM cpurl17 said...

That's some fabulous therapy!

At 9:16 PM Batty said...

Beautiful sock! Don't feel bad about your purchases. When I'm stressed, I indulge in retail therapy, but I hoard rather than knitting up my new treasures. You have the right idea.


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