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Thanks to Jen who scored an extra ticket, I got to see Martha Stewart!

We got there super early and after freezing for twenty minutes we took a break and got coffee.

This is our group (left to right: Deb, Sharon, Jenn, and I). We lined up and admired all the knitted goods. We ran into Mary Beth and Katie and Jamie. After getting the audience practice session (the hand signals when to "oh" and "ah"), we got our seats.

We were in the very back of the audience. It was such an interesting experience for several reasons. Ironically, it was in the exact same studio that the Graham Norton show was taped (I am not going to explain how I know that).

Martha spoke to a few audience members and then they taped several segments of the show which I won't reveal.

Here's Martha (holding yarn made out of her pet's fur). I think she was using Addi Turbo's.

We had such a great time. It was definitely an experience and something I will remember.
Update: Bezzie asked and here's the answer, the show will air Monday, February 25th.
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At 8:45 PM Bezzie said...

Ok, so I'm not a big Barfy Marfy fan, but that looks like a total good time!!! Any idea when it's going to air?

At 10:42 PM --Deb said...

Very cool.

Hey, did you see the article in today's Star-Ledger about Frida Kahlo? For some reason, I thought of you!

Here's a link.

At 10:43 PM Batty said...

I'm not a big fan either, but you really look like you had a blast. So much nice-looking knitwear! You guys went in style.

At 8:46 AM Ina said...

Sounds like a great time! Didja get any swag?

At 5:50 PM Kim said...

Sounds like you had fun. So did Martha hand out any swag? when I saw her show I got a free Melissa Etheridge cd and a can of Pam cooking spray.

At 8:36 AM mariss said...

I was there too! I just added you as my friend also on Ravelry, and then I see we "almost" met. Nice to see your re-cap of the show :)

At 3:24 PM cpurl17 said...

HOw cool! Darn, I went to work before I could set my DVR...

At 10:00 PM KnitXcorE said...

i'm soooooooo jealous!
anna from mochimochiland was there. there's a video on her blog.
I'm glad at least one of us got to see martha in the flesh.


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