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While this may look like either a little or a lot of progress, it is very little progress because I have barely been knitting. I have been having pains in my left hand due to my second part time job (no, not the knitting shop). I am enjoying the lopi lite.

Hopefully tomorrow I can knit some more on this sweater.
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At 1:32 AM IrishgirlieKnits said...

Hope your hand is feeling better soon!

At 7:08 AM Bezzie said...

It looks good! I love that color.

At 11:21 AM Kim said...

It's so purty! I love moss stitch (or seed stitch). I'm still a confused woman.

At 11:37 AM KnitXcorE said...

so pretty!!!!!
feel better!

At 10:46 AM Batty said...

Take it easy on the hands. I ignored some pain once and ended up being unable to knit (or so much as pick up a book) for 2 months.


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