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Kim pointed out that moss stitch and seed stitch are the same stitch. I always thought so as well, except that Norah defines the Moss Stitch in the pattern as:
Row 1 and 2: p1, k1 *
Row 3 and 4: k1, p1.

So, I googled moss vs seed stitch and according to Knitting on the Net the two are different.

Kelly asked about needle size. I didn't get stitch gauge with the recommended size 8 needle, in fact, I got it with size 9 needle. I am still not sure if I am getting row gauge for the Hex Coat which is important. Instead of ribbing on the bottom I proceeded with the moss stitch with the smaller needle size (in my case size 7). I am past the first identation for coat so I have to wait until the second indentation and then I will measure the length of each identation and count the rows and figure out where I am landing for row gauge and make necessary adjustments.

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At 8:02 AM elan said...

Knitting & moss stitch are names given to different patterns in the UK & the US, causes lots of confusion especially here in Canada since we have lots of patterns from both places

At 11:11 AM Kim said...

Wow, who knew! I've always started the first row as k1p1 and then on the following rows just purled the knits and knit the purls. From now on I'll have to check the pattern. Always a good idea.


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