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Well, I did finish one front of the Hex Coat. My row and stitch gauge is off. I compensated the row gauge by removing one hexagon and hopefully this should be okay. My armhole will be slightly larger but that's okay because I have large arms. The stitch gauge may be okay as well because I am knitting a much larger size and there is always blocking. If this looks hideous, you have permission to lie when the coat is done and tell me, "Wow, that's lot of knitting!" Ok, don't lie. I am going to knit up one hexagon before I proceed just to ensure that it is wonky* looking.

In a moment of weakness and unexpected extra cash in my purse (very rare these days) and impulse issues may have influenced my thought process, I bought the Pet Sitter dvd. I was always curious to watch them. It impressed me that it was hdtv or surround sound or something similar and after leaving the dvd on we found Puffy up close and personal with the tv.

We realized the surround sound factor impressed the cats.

Izzy (not pictured) climbed the armoire and looked for the birds out the window.

Maya also had moments of cuteness in the middle her four days of driving us crazy. She has had a bad behavior spell. It seemed a couple days at the Brookdale Dog Park helped alleviate.

"I can touch my nose with my tongue. Can you?"
*Wonky: Distorted in appearance. Not necessarily fugly, but certainly not great looking.
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At 12:38 AM CynCyn said...

so... no flat screen TVs were hurt or injured during the watching of this pet sitting video? I am hesitant to get the video just b/c I worry that either one or both cats will try to 'get that birdie!" and knock the TV over. Which would make me quite sad.

At 7:38 AM Tina said...

I am curious what video you purchased. I also have one and my cats love it, although I don't think it has surround sound. My cats go wild over the birds and the squirrels. Since purchasing a widescreen LCD TV my husband hasn't let me play the video on that TV so the cats can only watch the video in the bedroom, and there isn't really a place for them to sit right up close to the screen. We find it hilarious to watch them try to catch the birds and other animals.

At 6:44 PM Claudia said...

Ohh Maya you're a cutie!!


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