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Maya is a huge ball of love. She has came into our home and become a family member that we adore and cherish. We are under the impression that she is a rat terrier mixed with a black lab for a few reasons, but no matter what she definitely has terrier in her bones.

I have always had a black lab mix and I love them dearly. Ben has always had terriers in his home and he adores them. So, here is a rundown of things I am become accustomed.

From a bird's eye perspective Maya looks like a little sausage, so of couse I call her "salchicha".
Maya smells like Doritos which my animal guru friend (I will thus name her The Pet Whisperer as she is a vet) tells me is a yeast issue that terriers commonly have which is treatable (so yes we will be treating it as she likes her paws a lot).
Maya, like my relatives, talks with her hands, or in her case, her paws. She gets excited she taps you with her paw.
Maya drinks our coffee. We don't give her coffee, when she is a passenger in the car she opens the lid of the portable coffee container and starts slurping it.
Maya jumps all four feet off the ground over two feet in the air.
Maya has to have constant human closeness (she follows whoever leaves and is upset when separated).
Maya makes toys out of everything like yesterday when she brought the cover to the water machine so Ben could throw it.

Ben is getting accustomed to a dog that likes to play fetch. Would you believe none of his dogs have had toys?

Tina asked, "I am curious what video you purchased."
I purchased Cat Sitter, Volume II. It says the nature is in 5.1 Surround Sound which sounded fabulous on our surround sound system. I linked to Amazon, but I gotta be honest I got it cheaper at Petco.

On Knitting News: I am on the back. I did one hexagon and it looks good. I will post photos later this week.

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7 threads:

At 8:36 PM Anonymous said...

Maya is darling!

At 8:46 PM Miss T said...

What a sweet baby! I have a rat terrier--they're wonderful dogs. Jumping two feet in the air all the time, yes, but great dogs.

At 8:11 AM Deborah said...

i love dogs but i'm allergic :(

At 12:27 PM Kim said...

Doritos? Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch? Kisses to the wonderful Maya!

At 4:49 PM Claudia said...

Oh Maya! She is such a salsicha linda!! :-) She does look like she is a lump of gooey love and there is nothing in life better than that!! Give her a cuddle for me!

At 11:09 PM IrishgirlieKnits said...

I can't believe she drinks your coffee!! I love it!! She really is adorable :)

At 11:05 AM CynCyn said...

maybe she's adhd and she's looking for a stimulant drug to help her out? i've never heard of a dog drinking coffee before... so cute!


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