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I saw this on the Jersey Knitter's blog and loved it! So, I am sharing. I am Angora.
Go to Potter Craft and learn what you are!
The quiz promotes Clara Parkes book, The Book of Yarn, which a friend of mine and I bought. The book is amazing. I am slowly reading this book enjoying each section on the animals and learning so much.
The graphic is from Potter Craft website.

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At 12:49 PM Batty said...

Me too, which is funny because I'm allergic to angora. But we're warm and fuzzy. Doesn't get much better than warm and fuzzy, if you ask me.

At 8:02 PM elan said...

I'm Camel.

Tony drinks coffee too, he barks at Mark in the morning ever since the guys were here building the shed & a few of them let him drink out of their cups.

At 12:59 PM Knittymama said...

I'll have to take the quiz! I agree, that is really one of the best knitting books out in awhile.

At 11:14 AM Kim said...

I'm angora too. But, I requested the Oddball button because I like the ball o' yarn picture better than the rabbit.

At 2:13 PM Deborah said...

that book is a god send to those of us wanting to understand why our fetching mitts pill so much!

At 10:01 PM KnitXcorE said...

ha! i'm an oddball! go figure?


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