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So, I knit the stockinette swatch and got gauge and I was incredibly excited because that means that I can begin the Hex Coat immediately. Well, I got to work and realized that my swatch was supposed to be in pattern. So, I knit the swatch again in seed stitch. So, I get gauge. Yeah! Then Sunday mentions to me that my swatch should be in Moss Stitch. Yeah, that's a different stitch. So, I cast on again. Part of the problem is that I can't add 2+2 today.

In fact, I have no idea what I am knitting now, but eventually I got gauge switching to a larger needle. However, now reading it again, I have to look at my swatch again. Did I mention I can't process simple things today?

I did look up the errata for the pattern (and they were two), photocopied my pattern (it's my book and I am not sharing the pattern so no violation of copyright laws) so I can write notes on the pattern and highlight the numbers I need and put in a protective sleeve for easy transportation, and lastly I am sitting here at 8pm watching American History X debating whether I should cast on becasuse if I am messing up a swatch, what is next?
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At 9:46 PM IrishgirlieKnits said...

Yeah, I would just wait until tomorrow :) But all this planning will definately pay off!

At 10:34 AM Kim said...

Wait a tic. I thought moss stitch and seed stitch were different names for the same thing! I was watching American History X last night too ( and switching to Mean Girls during the commercials)

At 10:50 AM Kelly said...

You guys are starting - that is great! I am annoyed that I haven't found a yarn to get the correct guage. I may order the Beaverslide Fisherman weight, just need to wait until next pay day!
What size needles did you use? 8s were no good for me, even tried the lopi lite to see if it was me or the pattern! It was me! I was thinking of maybe just working on my Henley Perfected since I have the yarn and I want to do that one too! =(


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