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Sorry, I had to re-post as the photos were eaten by blogger or picasa...
Saturday night, DH and I met up with Jeanne and her husband from Knitting Addiction. For those who loved my sock t-shirt, it's her shop that sells them at a great price. Our dinner at Terrapin (used to be a church but now a restaurant) only lasted three hours. Three hours of laughing hysterically over yarn, gravity, and travels. These self-professing Canadians (they're not but it is our inside joke) are a blast! Dave's stegasauras pork tenderloin combined with the waiter giving us food we didn't order will always be a fond memory (oh and singing the Canadian National Anthem).
Sunday morning we checked out of our B&B after one of the guests approached me. It seems she thought that I might be going to the Sheep & Wool. Do you know what the clue was? My tote bag says "Knit or Die" with a skull and knitting needles. Sunday was super chill. The scenery was stunning.
I was at the author tent just on time. I met Kristin Nicholas and Judith Durant. I said hello to Stephanie. Here's irony, all of my Harlot books have been signed during other book tours. So, I thought I would just say, "Good to see you. Hope you're doing well" to which she replied, "Good seeing you too". She's such a hoot. I met Ann and Kay of Mason Dixon. Supercool.
Here's their signatures. What ya gotta love is the question, "Can I stamp my face in your book?" Granted I was perplexed until I saw the stamp with a face on it. Yes, the imagery of someone hitting their head on a book came to mind but in my defense I really needed more coffee.
And as Marilyn recommended Fried Pickles, we tried them with horseradish sauce. This order began with Ben popping his head into the caravan when no one was there and catching the clerk changing clothes. No one could decide if we should pay a dollar more or get a dollar discount, so we ordered our yummies. This is something you should split with someone. It is good, but it was swimming in my stomache later in the day.
Ah, yes, I still need to post pictures of my stash acquisitions. Sigh. I feel like a lot of people overwhelmed, tired, and sad to be back in working day. 364 more days to fried artichokes, socks that rock, shelridge farms, and many more things....
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