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The Varsity is an Atlanta institution. Everyone was recommending stoppping by for the experience, but our last day in Atlanta we hit Agnes & Muriel's for lunch, so we stopped by the Varsity for sweet tea and a Varsity orange frozen drink. Now DH had to go to the "office" (ahem the toilet) and so we parked in the lot and had the attendant with the cute hat give us the drinks. When DH disappeared in search of relief, I watched this young hip hop guy drive up in a Rolls Royce. Now, I never think much of anything until I saw him talking to this young woman in another car. Look, folks, I was bored and I could only stare at the attendants for so long. Well, the guy takes his shoe off and throws it at his own Rollys Royce. At that point, he was either yelling or talking extremely animated because she didn't seem to pay any mind. Anyways, that's all I got. That's my Varsity experience.
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At 9:20 PM Beverly said...

Ah, the Varsity. When my family lived in Atlanta, while my dad was going to Ga Tech, we would stop at the Varsity every once in a while if we went with him onto campus. I miss it.


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