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He was one of the seven, right, sleepy? Man, I am sleepy. I have been working the internship yesterday, today, and tomorrow, except today I had class afterwards and tomorrow as well. All I want to do is knit. This getting up super early and staying late is making me sleepy. Agh, and I have so much to do. I need to meet with my advisor, complete an audit form, apply for the comp exam, study for the exam, and do my school work. Waht?

Anyways, as promised, photos of the cobblestone in progress, it is a cip.

So this the body of the sweater.
And this is the sleeve, that yes, I was knitting in the beginning of my internship class. Damnit. I want to knit.

Mr. Smooshiness, aka Izzy, endorses a healthy breakfast of course after you have pet him and adored him and thrown his mouse and pet him again and scratch him and gave him some kibble and then you can have the healthy breakfast.
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At 11:00 PM hy said...

Wow! You made some serious progress on this! I am in Houston and had to leave my knitting at home because I had no room. :-(

At 7:14 AM Bezzie said...

Izzy's coloration kind of matches the cereal color!

At 9:15 PM CynCyn said...

hey... i dunno about your comps, but are you also taking NCE at same time? there is a study guide that I used which is ALL i used for NCE and comps. by Andrew Helwig. check it out.


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