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Yup, yarn is my catnip. Specifically, malabrigo is cosmic catnip. I saw a sweater made out of a colorway, Vetiver, which was just stunning in person. Stunning. I have to keep it in the file cabinet of my brain.

I have been tackling the Cobblestone and I have started sleeve 1. Quite good. I will post some photos later this week on that.

We are watching Inspector Lynley. I am really confused. Call me crazy but last season his wife disappeared after it was revealed she had a shady relationship with her instructor. In the first episode, him and his separated wife are kissing. I am quite confused. And frankly, his hairstyle looks weird. And another thing, when they say "ma'am" it sounds like "mum" which means "mom" in English but to me means bright flower, so I keep wondering why they keep calling each other flowers.

Izzy says, "Hey, I heard the word catnip. Give me the catnip or I sing Backstreet Boys songs"

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At 7:29 AM funfairiegirl said...

Are you sure it was a new one? cause the books aren't past that yet...unless I missed one coming out, which is TOTALLY possible, but I didn't think I had...hmmmm *searches amazon*

At 11:25 AM Kim said...

Malabrgio is one of my favorites. I have to use my malabrigo laceweight before I allow myself to buy anymore worsted. Brit shows have that effect on me to. Half the time I'm confused so I stick to American TV, which, while being incredibly stupid most of the time, at least is understandable.

At 2:14 PM Deborah said...

I rarely GET anything on british tv. Movies I'm a little better with.

At 7:53 PM Beverly said...

I kinda like the Backstreet Boys. And 'N Sync. I never grew out of the New Kids on the Block phase, obviously :)

At 10:10 PM KnitXcorE said...

mmmm.... must check out this "vetiver" color. I love british TV!!!!


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