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Ok, so after the Cobblestone I have been big on the super quick projects. I need the feels good projects before I embark on another sweater. Honestly, I have no idea which sweater to tackle next. Either Cardigan for Arwen, Wicked, Tree Jacket, hmmm....

Anyways, I present fingerless gloves (and Izzy but at this point does he really need an introduction?)

Source: MY Fingerless Gloves pattern
Needles: Addi Naturas, size 8, 40" circular
Yarn: di.Ve' Autunno, Color 31208
Loved: Super quick knit and easy.
Hated: I think my join where the thumb is well, strange.
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At 12:40 AM IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

I totally agree about the quick knit immediate gratificationn projects....we need them every once in awhile (what the heck, I need them all the time!). Love the gloves...perfect for fall!

At 12:46 AM Bezzie said...

Izzy's probably thinking: I'm orange. These fingerless gloves are orange. But why oh why was I not born with opposable thumbs!

Very nice!

At 9:46 AM Sonya said...

Love the fingerless. Isn't the' yarn wonderful.

At 1:35 AM yarn4kalei said...

OOOH!! I vote for Cardigan for Arwen. Love that sweater! Those are great fingerless gloves. :0)

At 12:32 PM KnitXcorE said...

love that yarn.

i'm voting for the tree jacket.

At 5:28 PM Paige said...

I love your fingerless mitts--the join looks great! Thanks for trying out my pattern (my first!).



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