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Wow, everyone seemed to vote on everything but the Wicked sweater which is what I already cast on last night. But, in good knitting news, I am maing quick progress and I should start one of the other projects everyone recommends.
I am using Orchid in Malabrigo and I am very excited the project is going well as opposed to last time (it just seemed off).

If my blogs have seemed a little Izzy-focused there may be a reason. It seems I have caught Izzy logging onto my laptop.
Izzy smiling says, "I promise I never sabotaged the blog, I just want to meet some new kitties."
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At 10:22 PM KnitXcorE said...

mmmmmmmm-alabrigo..... :-)

At 3:04 AM IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

I would have voted for Wicked because that was my first for-me sweater and I loved the pattern!! Yours looks gorgeous in that color!! Soooooo pretty!!

Izzy cracks me up!! Is there a kitty webring she is trying to join?!

At 9:02 AM CynCyn said...

Izzy- check for more online kitteh action. also, the amazing cat collection is hilarious!

At 4:46 PM sunneshine said...

Love the sweater - and that color is so beautiful!!


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