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I just started Season 5 and we have started Season 8 of X-Files (Mulder has disappeared and Scully is pregnant). On the knitting front, I am on the third wash cloth. I am sewing the sleeves of the lift and separate sweater. And then, I need to finish the edge on Sanpoku. Did I mention that I finished sanpoku? Yup. All done (sorta, except for the edge and blocking).

So, what does that mean? That means I start thinking about the next sweater and while I never touched Arwen on vacation I am debating. Here's my options:

1. Arwen Cardigan in Pure Merino (divine)
2. Cobblestone Cardigan in Skye Tweed (feels a little eh so I might need to make a swatch and try a special wash)
3. Wicked in Malabrigo (oh so yummy)
4. Tree Cardigan in Malabrigo (oh so yummy)

So many decisions...but I have Sunday and Monday.

BTW, I am catalogued and create an excel inventory of my yarn, books, and needles. I also started taking some photos of my stash. All for Ravelry. So, if anyone has suggestions and other things I can do in preparation of Ravel-ness I am all ears.

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At 11:27 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Get your photos on flickr - that's how you upload them to ravelry! :-)

And just start thinking of patterns or yarns that you want to see what other people have done! :-)

At 9:24 AM Anonymous said...

Season 5 has one of my favorite Buffy villains ever, the wonderful Glorificus. Enjoy!

At 11:22 AM CynCyn said...

you're on your own now with X Files (er, you're beyond my expertise). When Mulder left, I lost interest. You'll have to let me know if I actually missed anything good.

ps. I think you can go from ravelry to excel, but going from excel to ravelry isn't super smooth sailing.

At 7:29 AM The Crafty Weasel said...

That's a lovely colour!

I still have to be interested in Buffy (we haven't had cable for years so certain series were lost on us - although we've picked up a few new ones at friends' suggestions, like 24 and Lost). Maybe we'll get disk one.

My husband has been in Alask for 2 weeks, and since he left I have seen 6 seasons of Friends - I thought of watching again Frasier (my favourite comedy) but against that.

Have you seen Little Britain? And the British Office? :-) Maybe we should do a KAL for old series! LOL LOL LOL


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