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I was never attracted to the dishcloths. And then, two nights ago. 11pm. I pulled some Peaches n' Cream (leftover from the baby hat) and wham bham a dischloth is born. Last night, I cast on using Premiere (left) in a hot pink and soft pink.
I love this damn thing! Too bad, because I suddenly feel compelled to finish my Lift & Separate sweater.

Oh-did I mention I only have 1,700 or so people ahead of me on Ravelry. Well, I was the little geek and catalogued all my yarn and books. I just need to hit inventorying my needles. But, then today I met Whim & Vinegar at stix who was super cool and gave me some more of the 411 on the Ravel.
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At 9:28 AM elan said...

You should be on any day now, hope you've got a few days to lose, you get sucked right in.

At 12:29 PM Beverly said...

I have been sucked in by that dishcloth pattern too. I don't use dishcloths, but my mom does, so she's getting a pile of these for her birthday next month. Yours are lovely!

At 4:12 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

I am *this* close to Montclair and I have never been to the yarn stores there - hmmmm, I definitely have to go soon.

In my list is also Semplice and a beading store!

At 2:31 AM IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

I love the dish cloth Zonda sent me and see now how these can be addictive!! Too cute!!! Yours look great!

At 11:52 AM Kim said...

I have the yarn & I have the desire, so what's stopping me from making one (or more) of those cool dishclothes. Mason Dixon right? They look fab!

At 2:20 PM Deborah said...

discloths are fab and instant gratification. I only use them for facecloths, too nice for dishes!


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