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So, I pretty much uploaded my stash, projects, and friends on Ravelry last night. Yeah, I worked most of the night, and I do have class at 8am and no I didn't do the reading. I took so many pictures of my stash that Izzy realized he was only getting attention by going near the action. So here's the details:

My Ravelry name is: callingkahlo

Okay, I sleepy, so I go try and read.

Izzy still has a crush on Lucy. He always wanted to meet her, but I keep explaining long distance relationships are really tough.
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At 7:04 AM Batty said...

Poor Izzy! I know that sock yarn is no substitute for a real girlfriend, but he still might find happiness with that pretty STR colorway.

At 3:54 PM KnitXcorE said...

I'm so jazzed you're finally a ravel-er!!!! the sweater's looking good! I can't wait for you to finish so, I can pick your brain about the pattern!!!!!!!!

At 5:07 PM CynCyn said...

poor buddy. unrequited love is no fun. welcome to ravelry!

At 10:19 AM Deborah said...

my revelry invite lag is down by 1,000! Looks like I might get it before Rhinebeck!


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