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This yarn is dedicated solely to charity knitting for PAWS. But, here's the deal. A friend went down to South America for a vacation and picked up this yarn for me.

Now, here's the thing: each color pictured here is one skein. And. Each skein is a huge mess. After hours turning into days of attempting to unravel, it can look likes this....
There was a few days I was ambitious and attempted to wind the pink one which now that I have a swift and winder it can look nicer. Anyways, the plastic bag is picked up from stix and only costs $3.00 I have picked up a few and now all the yarn in my armoire looks nice, organized, and stacks perfectly.

One day, I may actually wind it. Another day, I may actually knit it.

Guess how much all this yarn cost? And it is soft.
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At 6:44 AM Bezzie said...

Oof. Sometimes winding it takes longer than knitting it!

I like the blue though..very rich

At 10:07 PM KnitXcorE said...

I do not envy you, having ball up that yarn. at least you have the right tools now. the blue skein is gr8!

At 10:08 PM hy said...

So how much was the cost for all that yarn??!!
The bags look like a good idea. Better looking than using Ziplocks!
I just got some yarn from a online shop in Australia: posmerino = 80% merino; 20% possum.
Want me to bring it to Thurs night?

At 3:06 PM Deborah said...

Hey, do they have a website??? Can't miss out on cheap foreign yarn!


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