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Lo and behold, when I return from vacation what do I find on my doorstep are the cutest frog stitch markers from Sunnelite. The picture does them no justice. I love them and they are travelling in frog notions bag. Then at stix, Kelly surprises me with frog magnets. Ironically, I have one tattoo, and that is a coqui which is the native frog to Puerto Rico and chirps "coqui". I feel quite special.
Then two days later I receive a package from Dee. Now, I just feel loved. Dee was visiting Hawaii and picked me up the most lovely things, chocolate candy bars, flower key chain, Hawaiian seasonings, macadamia nuts, red coconut balls (which are halfway gone they are so damn good), a drink bag, and Brightdyes Gryffindor sock yarn.
Ok, some updates:

Sanpoku is done. I finished both sleeves during the vacation and I finished seaming last night. I need to block it and add a quick simple trim. I promise to post a picture sometime this week.

I found out that I didn't use the pillar stitch for the red scarf project. As Crafty Weasel has asked for the pattern I promise to write it up and publish it on the site sometime.

Man, I am making too many promises here.
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At 7:45 PM Deborah said...

The froggies are so cute! The Hawaiian package looks awesome. I can't think of too much being better than receiving packages in the mail when they contain fun stuff!!

At 8:40 PM sunneshine said...

oh, so many frogs! How fun!! I am glad that you like them... The hawaiian package is beautiful! Its so fun to get good mail!

At 12:03 PM Kim said...

You've been showered with surprise gifts! How wonderful!

At 1:45 PM Anonymous said...

What cute frogs! But hopefully those frogs will handle all the frogging required in your household, so you don't have to do any.


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