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DH and I ventured to the Sussex County Fair which was oh so cool! Lots of yummy stuff like a gardening center where I meet up with a knittyboard member for extensive advice, painted roosters, arts and crafts, free massages (by students at the Dover Business School), and of course animals.
This is the ice cream machine restored. It was built by John Deere in 1903. Very neat and loud, I think for now I will stick with my quieter ice cream from the food store.
One of the painted roosters amongst the dozens others. Very cute.
Speaking of cute, sheep! Rare sheep.
And this picture I took in honor of Jersey Knitter's latest photo-creation. I think her photo deserved this ribbon. Oh, and I made progress on the scarf, but now I am hitting the sanpoku with Buffy.
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At 7:27 PM funfairiegirl said...

That reminds me that I haven't tried out my new ice cream maker attachment for the Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer of love and delightfulness.


At 9:20 PM --Deb said...

I'm still stuck at the top with the juxtaposition of "Dover Business School" and "Massage." What DO they teach over there??? (grin)

At 9:40 AM Kim said...

I love me a county fair! Looks liek you had fun!

At 3:08 PM Alisha said...

I love fair time...we get a ton in the fall around here. This year we must make a point of going. We haven't been in a few years.

p.s. thanks for stopping by my have to come back though!!! I found the photo of our angels!! :)


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