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I have never been considered a patient person. Waiting is torture and lines make me tense up immediately. What is worse than waiting is when there is lack of closure. For instance, the 1.5 hours spent at the car dealership yesterday. Granted, I cam prepared, I had my sanpoku and my red scarf. I without hesitation changed the channel from Fox News to something well educational and not so frightening. After 1.5 hours what do I have? Nada. The radio they needed to install came without brackets. I still don't have a radio.

The rest of the day was spent waiting a repairman who didn't come to my house. Four hours. Luckily I was also prepared knitting and office supplies. I did some knitting and I started the organization of the office. We can finally found our taxes, paystubs, and bills in the right year.

So, I leave you with a photo of the right (or left) front of the Sanpoku. Rob had a nice compliment for the sweater. It is funky pattern which I think may look fabulous. Out of the dozen people I know who bought the pattern and yarn, no one has finished the sweater, so we will all see how this comes together....
I will also leave you with veggie bunny from the state county fair sitting in the middle of his veggie pals, funny face and long eared creature.
"Don't play with your food!" says the bunny

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At 9:45 AM Sonya said...

I love the veggie bunny.
Can't wait to see the sweater put together.

Thanks for coming by the Skein.

At 9:29 PM IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

I'm so not patient either..thank goodness I knit!!

Love the veggie bunny!

At 11:22 PM hy said...

The sanpoku looks great so far. One final down and 1 more to go. By Sunday at 5 pm, I will be 1/2 way toward my M.Sc. yay!!!!!

At 11:16 AM Kim said...

Sanpoku is looking good! Imagine how crazed you'd be if you didn't have the knitting to keep you occupied. I hate waiting if it's for nothing (like with your not getting the radio installed or the repairman not showing up). There are several things broken in my house that I should call a repairman about, but I so dislike rip-off, no-show, chock full o' attitude reparimen that I'm living with half broken appliances!

At 5:12 PM Ina said...

Gah. Hope your stuff gets fixed/repaired soon!

Love the veggie bunny. I bet the bunnies in my backyard would, too.

At 9:38 PM gray la gran said...

i love the variegation of that yarn! pretty pretty pretty!!! and the veggie-bunny is pretty rockin' too ;)

At 8:28 PM KnitXcorE said...

you really can't rely on anyone these days. why does it take so long for people to do stuff you're paying them to do? I hate calling the damn cable company, now. They're most definitely on the top of my crappy services list. that veg bunny is adorable, i hope you stole it and mailed it to me.


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