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Knitch is pretty impressive. It is located behind a bunch of shops with this little alleyway leading you to a wonderful entrance filled with a metal sculpture of a bird knitting and plenty of potted plants. The shop owned by Kim is stocked full of Cascade, Blue Sky, Rowan, Malabrigo, Suss Cousins, Jade Sapphire, etc. When you walk into the shop you can make a cup of coffee and stroll through shelves yarn or sit down at the farm table in the center of the room.
Knitch just announced they will be opening the second floor of the shop with a kitchen for dye workshops, washing machine for felting, sofas for knitting, and a tv for watching movies. Sadly, I am not a witness to this as it opens in mid-September. I spent Sunday early afternoon hanging out with a bunch of wonderful and friendly knitters who pointed me in the direction of Mary Mac's for traditional Southern food and for some more contemporary food at Agnes and Muriels. I met Steve (now of Famous Steve Knits), Katey (from Snarky), and I believe I met Doug. If I am correct Doug baked some bad-ass cookies (yummy) and the cutest premie Shrek hat.

SEX: Heck yes. Beadles needles in flower petals, project bag, Noni patterns, felted balls (one for Kristina fabulous cat sitter to the stars and one for our furbabies) and later that week I picked up some yarn.
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