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Georgia's Aquarium boasts to be the largest in the United States (and only 100 feet short of the world's largest) and it certainly was impressive. It has 8 Million gallons and red velvet cupcakes (I have my priorities straight).

Some highlights:

  1. Beluga Whales. Four in total= 3 females + 1 Male (Nico). The whales are feeling frisky as Nico circles the girls who is excited to get busy and have been demonstrating their attraction. So much so you can read about it here.
  2. Moon jellyfish. As the jellyfish reflect light they had a light which changes colors and they reflect it which is so cool.
  3. Piranhas. They don't eat people but they have a strange scary stare (and they don't move).
  4. The sea lions where fun! And one of them demonstrated where the bathrooms are in the wild.
  5. You walk underneath the tanks so fish swim all around you including giant grupers, hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, guitar fish, etc....
  6. Feel them up! You can touch the manta rays, bottlenose something, and shrimp (which by the way one of them tried to attack me or so I thought it did).
  7. Red Velvet Cupcake. The food was pretty good and designed by Wolfgang Puck.
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3 threads:

At 6:18 PM Anonymous said...

I like aquariums, but I'd go just for the cupcakes.

At 6:39 AM Bezzie said...

Cool! Belugas are pretty small whale-wise, but four of them? Wow!

At 9:46 AM Midnight Purls said...

Neat pics. I just love going to the aquarium. But I'm jealous that we don't get to touch anything that interesting at ours (The state aquarium in Camden.) Just some starfish and tiny little sharks. :(


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