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Our last stop was a quick stopover at the border of North Carolina and Virginia at Shelton Vineyards in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here's the thing, driving from Villa Rica/Carrolton Georgia to lovely Jersey is fourteen hours, therefore a one night stop in the burgeoning area worked out well. Hampton Inn opened a new hotel (literally only a few months old) adjacent (SAT word for the day) to the Shelton Vineyards. The winery is super young but they put together a quick and fun tour.
These are doors. Pretty doors.
This room is pretty much for show but it does carry a lot of barrels of wine. The wine shown here is part of their adopt a barrel program which you can pay a certain amount of money and the barrel will carry a sign of your selection for a certain amount of time and then the wine and barrel is yours (or something like that).
Grapes. It seems these make wine. Not own their own though. That would be impressive if they did.

Oh-We ate dinner at the Harvest Grill which is on the winery and the food was freaking fantabulously terrifi-excellent. It was decently priced and it was casual attire overlooking the winery. Loved it!
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At 8:00 PM Kim said...

Sounds like you all had a plethora of fun. How's that for an SAT word.


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