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As Bezzie has requested, the post on the Coke tasting room...
While, I did post some pics of the World of Coca Cola, I thought I would share some of the great moments from the tasting room. Coke produces over 700 products and the thing is that they produce sodas in other countries based on what that population enjoys, for instance Latin America may have more sodas with Mangos. There are several booths based on geography for tasting: Asia, Latin America, Africa and Middle East, Europe, and America. Here are some of Ben's more animated moments at the tasting station.

Kim asked, "What was the most disgusting flavored soda?" Well, it was this weird drink from either Israel or someplace in Middle East or Africa and while I don't remember the name, it was Menthe flavored. In fact, majority of Ben's expression (the negative ones) were around Middle East and Africa.
My favorite drinks were Latin America only because they remind me of sodas when I would visit relatives in Puerto Rico, very sweet and fruity (grape, mango, and such).
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3 threads:

At 7:10 PM Beverly said...

Is that a soda named Beverly? How cool is that?!?

At 6:20 AM Bezzie said...

Hilarious montage!

At 12:01 PM Kim said...

Did Beverly taste like an old lady? The Hispanic market near me has some delicious unusual sodas. My favorites are Jaritos brand mango and also the grapefruit (it tastes different than Fresca, which I also like). What was the most disgusting flavored soda?


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