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I remember in 1985 when Coke announced it would release a new Coke and that a few weeks later the new coke was recalled. I actually just recalled this because we visited the New World of Coca Cola (just opened in May).
Ben spent a moment chilling with the inventor of coke (yes, wearing a Guinness shirt). The tour begins with Coke paraphernalia, then to a short movie in the vein of the Happy Factory, then to several rooms including: bottling breakdown, interactive history of coke, pop culture (Andy Warhol a-lot), documentary on commercials, and my second favorite: 4-D brief movie. 4-D? Yup, yisserree. On top of the 3-d sunglasses, the seats move, spray water and air, and not my favorite a thing that pokes you in the back. Super fun!
These bottles were found in several locations throughout and decorated (I think) with countries inspiring the theme. The one dead center is beaded for all you crafty folks. It blew my mind someone beaded this thing.
Ben chilling at a soda stand. Hmm, maybe I should post the photos of my favorite room, the coke tasting room.
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At 1:46 PM Kim said...

That looks like fun! Coincidentally, I'm drinking a diet coke right now.

At 6:08 PM --Deb said...

I remember "New Coke." In fact, I remember distinctly that it came out my senior year in high school, and that the day after the AP English exams, our English teacher gave us the "day off" and brought in bottles of old and new for our own, informal taste test for that period . . . Of course, I had English second period of the day, so I wasn't really ready for drinking soda yet, but still . . . I remember it clearly!

At 6:20 AM Bezzie said...

Did you drink soda shot out of that fountainy dispenser they have? That always looked cool to me!


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