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Red Java is such a pretty color and as I mentioned I finally cast on for Berroco's Sanpoku. I love this pattern. I have drooled over the yarn and the pattern and thought, hey, why not? The problem is that right now I have no idea how this thing comes together. I have a diagram but it doesn't make much sense to me. In fact, I have that feeling in the pit of my stomache that this is heading down the knitting disaster road. I really don't feel like paying the toll on this one. The triangle you see is the back. It doesn't look right even when I unroll the stockinette. The second piece is the front.

Ironically, at the same time I am drooling over the idea of knitting the Arwen Cardigan with the Pure Merino yarn I picked up at stix. I think the pale blue will look nice, but that will definitely require more skeins than I have now. I think it is too short (for me) so I would like it to be longer.

The other thing I am dreaming about is Wicked. Hy has been thinking about Tree Cardigan and to be honest it is very tempting. It is a tough decision. Although, I have yarn and the pattern ready for Wicked. I am not feeling any of my stash for the Tree Cardigan. BTW, send some good vibes to Hy as she is working on her final this weekend and is feeling some stress. My stress is over and my final was Thursday and the other professor wrote a very nice email about our research paper which made me happy happy joy joy.

I should be mailing some goodies this weekend to sunnelite and Midnight Purls. As I cannot show the actual gift for Starbuck, I can show its package.

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At 2:45 PM KnitXcorE said...

WOW! that san poku pattern is awesome!


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